House Fails to Pass Balanced Budget Amendment

As part of the debt ceiling deal negotiated this summer, Congress must vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Today, the House voted on H.J. Res. 2, which would stipulate that the government cannot spend more than it brings in each year. The amendment would also require a three-fifths vote by both chambers to raise the debt ceiling and a three-fifths vote to approve a deficit.

The amendment, which required support from two thirds of members to pass, was defeated by a vote of 261 to 165. Four Republicans voted against the measure, and 25 Democrats voted for it.

Democrats opposed the measure because of the impact it could have on an already weak economy. President Obama’s reelection campaign issued a statement yesterday that said: “If passed, the Republican proposal would require deep spending cuts that could jeopardize everything from education and Medicare to nutrition and health programs for at-risk children.”

Nancy Conneely, Public Policy Manager

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