ICYMI: Rhode Island Granted $670,000 for Workforce Training and Education

An announcement made by Governor Lincoln D. Chafee says that Rhode Island will receive a $670,000 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) incentive grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Rhode Island qualified for this incentive grant due to its high performance in adult education and workforce development program. The grants are in action since 1998; however this is the first time that RI has been eligible.

All WIA performance targets regarding adult education, entering postsecondary education or training have been sufficiently exceeded by Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE). Some of the targets surpassed include GED completion, educational gains, entered employment and employee retention.

Funds from the incentives grants will most likely be used to purchase technology tools. This will also be accompanied by investment in data-analytics technology that will track the progress of employment programs and analyze specific trends in workforce development. Besides using the tools in adult education classrooms, RIDE also plans to establish a Technology Committee to implement a comprehensive statewide technology strategy to address policy and access issues.

The incentive funds will play a vital role in continuing to improve the quality of adult-education services in Rhode Island.

For official comments from the Governor and other state officials, please read this.

Kimaya Dixit, Communications & Marketing Manager

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