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Jobs report shows lows and bright spots across sectors

Friday, December 14th, 2012

There are millions fewer jobs than there were before the recession and some job sectors yet to show promising signs of recovery, however there are bright spots, according a recent NPR report.

In last month’s jobs report, the United States gained 146,000 jobs last month. Sectors such as the health care have grown steadily throughout the recession and the recovery. Since January 2008, health care has gained 1.3 million jobs.

Sectors such as leisure and hospitality or professional services, experienced a drop in the number of jobs during the recession, but have recovered many of those jobs. Also, private education has made a slight, but steady increase.

Other sectors are showing slower signs of recovery. Construction and manufacturing sectors are still fighting to make gains. Construction is down 2 million jobs, and manufacturing is down 1.8 million. The two sectors make up most of the 4 million total jobs lost since the start of the recession, according to NPR.

Visit NPR’s article to view a graphic that breaks down job gains and losses by sector.

Erin Uy, Communications and Marketing Manager

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House Democrats Introduce Alternative WIA Bill

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Democratic members of the House Education and Workforce introduced their version of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) reauthorization this week. The bill, introduced by Reps. Ruben Hinojosa (TX), George Miller (CA), and John Tierney (MA), is similar to a draft WIA bill circulated in the Senate last summer. This bill is also considered an alternative to Republican WIA bills, such as Rep. Virginia Foxx’s (NC) Streamlining Workforce Development Programs Act.

The Democratic bill focuses on a number of issues raised in NASDCTEc’s WIA reauthorization recommendations, including sector-based strategies, adult career pathways, direct contracting with community colleges, common measures, and One Stop infrastructure funding. More information on the bill can be found here.

Nancy Conneely, Public Policy Manager

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Report: Projected Job Growth in CTE Fields

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

How many years will it take before the United States can lower its unemployment rate, currently more than 9 percent, to pre-recession rates of around 5 percent? Even the most optimistic projection estimates that full employment rates won’t return until 2020, says a new report. Training provided through Career Technical Education (CTE) may be key for reducing this rate and getting 14 million unemployed Americans back to work.

The report, An Economy That Works: Job Creation and America’s Future, explores how companies use labor, where new jobs are likely to come from, and the conditions that are necessary for sustainable job creation. Key finding include:

• Six sectors illustrate the potential for job growth in this decade: health care, business services, leisure and hospitality, construction, manufacturing and retail.

• Potential shortages will occur in many occupations including: nutritionists, welders, nurse’s aides, computer specialists and engineers.

• Employers will increasingly be able to disaggregate job tasks, leading to more part-time and contingent employment and enabling employers to bring back some service jobs from abroad.

The report also presents ideas to spur job creation including: innovation and new business creation, removing barriers to job creation and scaling up the country’s industries.

Though the current unemployment rate is discouraging, these projections are promising. CTE students have the opportunity to train in upcoming high-demand fields. Through the Career Clusters Framework, CTE provides training so that students have skills to match the needs of the labor market. See the Career Clusters webpage for more information.

Kara Herbertson, Education Policy Analyst,

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