CTE Month: USA TODAY Offers Free Future Forward Curriculum

In honor of CTE Month, USA Today is offering free access to its recently-published curriculum, Future Forward: Tools to Fuel College and Career Readiness.

The curriculum was developed specifically to address the unique needs of the CTE teacher and their classroom; the company enlisted CTE practitioners to create the resource, including ACTE, and CTE and reading teachers (such as Dr. Travis Park of Cornell University) to design the curriculum. Further, USA Today involved CTE educators and administrators across the country (including NASDCTEc’s Dean Folkers) in the review process.

And for just a few more days, access to this resource is free.

The purpose of Future Forward is to increase students’ success in college and careers by engaging them with current industry news and information while supporting essential literacy skills.

The entire program offers online access to resources such as:

  1. A collection of 10 graphic-organizer based reading guides.
  2. A collection of six vocabulary building guides that specifically support CTE vocabulary needs.
  3. A library of 180 industry-related USA TODAY articles, with Lexile® Measurements, organized by 16 Career Clusters.
  4. A repository of mini-assessments, also organized by 16 Career Clusters.


Access to the program can be gained online, using the username: USATEACHER and the passcode: FEBFREE. Give me your feedback on the program ([email protected]).

 Erin Uy, Communications and Marketing Manager

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