Data Quality Campaign Releases Annual Survey on Elements of Longitudinal Data Systems

In order to track student progress and answer critical policy questions, states have been developing longitudinal data systems. The Data Quality Campaign’s Compendium report provides a national overview on state progress toward implementing the ten elements below:

  • Statewide student identifier
  • Student-level enrollment data
  • Student-level test data
  • Information on untested students
  • statewide teacher identifier
  • Student-level course completion (transcript) data
  • Student-level SAT, ACT, and AP data
  • Student-level graduation and dropout data
  • Ability to match student-level P-12 and higher education data
  • State data audit system

According to the report, data on course-taking and grades (element 6), college readiness test scores (element 7), and other feedback from post-secondary institutions (element 9) can help determine whether high school courses and graduation standards are aligned with college and workplace expectations.

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