Excellence in Action Spotlighting: Indian Capital Technology Center, Nursing Transition Program

Learner success relies on education systems that support seamless transitions between the secondary and postsecondary education levels. These transitions require aligned expectations, standards, assessments and credentials. For example, the development of the Nursing Transition program of study  – a 2018 Excellence in Action Award winner in the Health Science Career Cluster® housed at the Indian Capital Technology Center (ICTC) in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a direct result of health program administrators desire to provide learners with seamless options for postsecondary and career.

The Nursing Transition program was established in August of 2011 due to a shortage of nurses and allied health professionals. ICTC serves 51 area high schools and incorporates a rigorous curriculum paired with relevant clinical instruction in a variety of settings. The program has created an accelerated pathway for learners to become a licensed practical nurse.

During junior year of high school, learners enroll in Indian Capital Technology Center’s Health Careers Certification class and take a full year of rigorous coursework resulting in their health careers certification. Upon receiving the certification, learners can apply to the practical nursing program during their senior year. Once accepted, seniors enroll in the program, complete their coursework and graduate from high school.

“Our program of study is unique because we have the opportunity to take our students from a senior to a licensed practical nurse within six months of high school graduation,” said Debra Bartel, Director of Adult Health Careers, Indian Capital Technology Center.

Upon high school graduation, students immediately are classified as adult learners and complete the remainder of the courses in the practical nursing curriculum by the following December, earning two industry certifications along the way. To support success in both career and college, learners can take the NCLEX-PN exam and can begin working as a licensed practical nurse. Additionally, graduates who qualify and meet criteria set forth by Connors State College may be eligible to articulate into the Associate Degree Nursing Program, allowing learners to continue their education.

“This program has given me a jump start on my life and career,” said Ty-Tiona Wilson, Nursing Transition Student, ICTC.

Throughout the program, learners participate in required clinical practice, which is offered through established partnerships with health facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. These settings provide opportunities for learners to gain real-world experience in different areas of the patient care field.

“This program is an exemplary example of meeting the needs of business and industry by addressing the shortage in nursing. The job placement rate for this program from 2012-2016 is 97.2 percent. For students on a career path to be a registered nurse, a student may take advantage of the RN bridge program offered at area colleges to continue his/her education. Oklahoma CareerTech’s mission is to prepare Oklahomans to succeed in the workplace, in education and in life – this program accomplishes this by meeting the workforce demand while providing students with a solid career path,” said Marcie Mack, state CTE director, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology.

Learn more about the Nursing Transition program at Indian Capital Technology Center and our 2018 award winners here.


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