NAGB Moves Forward in College and Work Preparedness Research

The group that oversees the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the Nation’s Report Card, launched a commission that its members say could help provide information that would assists education stakeholders and policymakers with developing education and workforce training policies, according to a May 12 Education Daily article.

The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) created the NAEP High School Achievement Commission to study results of its program of research on prepared­ness. The study is part of NAGB’s overall project to align NAEP data with college admissions criteria and employers’ workforce competency standards.

NAGB — a 26-member panel made up of educators, lawmakers, testing and curriculum experts, business leaders, others – moves forward with this project as other major initiatives to measure college and career readiness also rise in the education policy world.  Indeed, the issue of measuring college and career readiness is of particular interest in the CTE community.

Education Daily cited the Commission Chairman Ronnie Musgrove, a former Mississippi governor, who said “The U.S. has no common measure to inform the public about the degree to which we are producing students who are ready for college and the workforce,” said Musgrove, a former Missis­sippi governor.

“At a time when our nation confronts both high unemployment rates and a shortage of skilled workers and profession­als, no issue is more important than preparing high school graduates to meet the demands of the global economy.”

Musgrove said the commission aims to re­lease its findings on NAGB’s program of research on preparedness in the fall.

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