Report: Education and Industry Must Respond to STEM Teacher Shortage

Collaboration among corporations, secondary schools, and universities and other teacher-preparation providers is at the crux of developing a system that will foster a much-needed supply of qualified STEM teachers.

STEMing the Teacher Shortage Tide
, a brief report by the National Association for Alternative Certification, identifies the major issues of the qualified teacher shortage: a lack of qualified STEM teachers who have degrees in such fields, and a shortage of teachers who have strong STEM knowledge but limited pedagogical skills. The report suggests pooling the resources and expertise of each education sector and industry, which share the same goals of helping students succeed in school and thereafter.

The report’s strategy identifies three major components:
•Recognize that the nation must provide qualified STEM teachers to promote enthusiasm toward STEM careers
•Identify partners who are ready to think on a different plain and are willing to work with tradition and non-traditional partners to solve a critical challenge
•Create the formula for initiating, building and sustain effective partnerships.

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