Welcome Jodi Langellotti to Advance CTE!

My name is Jodi Langellotti, and I am thrilled to join Advance CTE as a Communications Associate. As Communications Associate, I will own and implement all digital communications strategy and content, the Advance CTE website, and the member newsletter. I will also support organization-wide initiatives, including the Postsecondary State CTE Leaders Fellowship and Launch: Equitable & Accelerated Pathways for All. 

My experience is diverse as my desire for learning and continued personal growth has led me on an incredible journey from public school teacher to corporate trainer, to mental health advocate & educator, to marketing & communications executive. The messaging and communication that an educational program puts forth goes well beyond informative; highly effective communications can be transformative, garnering more support for policy, fiscally and from the community. As a communications professional, I strive to create messages and content that are not only received by the target audience as intended but also drive opinion, attitude, and behavioral change.      

Throughout my professional and volunteer career, I have been fortunate to gain experience managing multiple marketing and communications channels, performing community outreach in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, creating multimedia content, and building and nurturing meaningful relationships across organizations that foster collaboration growth and action.

Outside of work, I share my passion for mental health education and advocacy by volunteering with multiple organizations. I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, and our dogs  (Hank & Leela), cat (Meow), foster bunny (MJ), and goldfish (Harry).

Jodi Langellotti, Communications Associate

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