Education is Critical to Economic Development, IBM Director Says

Even in tough economic times, education remains the best way for students to ensure a prosperous future and steer away from lower-skilled, lower-wage jobs, said the Director of IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs in a recent Huffington Post editorial.

At a minimum, Diane Melley of IBM said that students should strive to develop basic and vital skills that will be of value in all industries: creative thinking, the ability to think analytically, entrepreneurial and leadership. For those with advanced skills, a range of new opportunities are opening.  Individuals who have the skills to work with “intelligent technologies” such as those used to efficiently manage water and power resources; or can create modern systems to conserve resources for a sustainable future, are ripe for employment opportunities today and in the future.

Overall, helping students stay in school, attain college education and develop employment skills they will help to assure a successful future for them and their community, she said.

“Preparing our young people for the jobs of the future is the first and most important step in our economic development.”

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